• What is our magazine about?
    Everyone knows what the buildings look like when they are already built. Many of us have seen and roughly imagine how to build it. And already very few people know and understand how to invent and design it. There is nothing more interesting than to study the process of the birth of a butterfly from a small pupa and until the moment when the butterfly comes into being. In architecture, the process of generation can stretch for decades. If you look at specific examples, you can see that, for example, Santiago Calatrava began to come up with his fantastic designs when he studied and made toys for his children from cubes and thin lines. When the customer comes to the architect and orders the house, the real master takes time only to apply his vast experience and choose from those ideas that have long haunted him. The idea of ​​a real work of art is born long before his birth. In our magazine, we tried to collect the ideas of architects of different generations at their very first stage of development. That is why we turned to architectural festivals and competitions. Any competition is first of all a contest of ideas. As a rule, they choose the wrong project, which is more detailed than the others and is the closest to implementation. Most of the chances are for those works in which the idea is presented more clearly and more clearly and there are great opportunities for its application and modification in the future. Part of the publication is devoted to young collectives and their still blurred vision of what architecture will surround us in many years. In the final part of the issue we will post sketches of the famous Russian and German architect Sergei Tchoban. This section confirms the main idea of ​​the journal - the future of architecture is a reflection of its past.
    Oleg Manov