Design: 2017
  • Whatever opposes anything: fast - slow, warm - cold, dense - rarefied - life flourishes on the border of differences.
    Modern society has become very mobile and diverse. Some like to live in silence, others, on the contrary, in the thick of things on a busy street, others like to travel and appreciate the beautiful view.
    The territory of the quarter is divided into intersecting residential and public spaces to meet the needs of residents and guests of different age groups and interests.
    The total area of ​​the quarter is 4.32 ha
    The total area of ​​buildings is 51,840 m2, incl. area occupied by public functions - 9,060 m2.
    Block "A"
    "Urban villas" - low-rise residential block development with terraces, courtyards for residents of the complex with a clear division of space into private and public.
    Block "B"
    The Community Center is a three-story building containing educational, retail and entertainment functions, integrated into the environment of the main public space of the quarter.
    Block "C"
    Apartments - located in the vertical dominant of the quarter, surrounded by its main public space, completely open to the city.
    Block "D"
    "Co-living" is a complex consisting of residential clusters designed for cohabitation of several people in separate studios and having spaces for joint housekeeping and pastime, and public spaces designed to meet the various needs of residents (co-working, creative workshops, home service functions).
  • Authors Manov O, Bannikova E, Lurie A, Manova J, Smirnov A, Stolyar A, Shevchenko G
  • Total area 4,32 hectare